Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: More Flavors, Same Ideas at Yogli-Mogli

It's difficult reviewing Froyo shops because they are so similar to every other Froyo shop in America. Yogli-Mogli likes to boast the nutritional benefits of eating a pint of their frozen yogurt, but really they're just another self-serve Froyo shop wanting to cash-in on the trend.

Compared to Yogurt Top and Yoforia in Decatur, Yogli-Mogli in the Emory Village has greater variety, but unfortunately they're rather stingy with their sample cups. The process involves asking an employee to fetch you a sample, and while they will fetch you as many sample as you want, it's awkward from the beginning especially if you really want to try all 16 of them.

Cappuccino, red velvet and fancy French are my favorite. Beyond the yogurt, the toppings, while numerous, are poorly displayed. The graham crackers and practically any topping that's not a fruit or M&M are "cut" into obtuse chunks and blocks that make for difficult eating (I would prefer finely chopped graham crackers, thankyouverymuch!). As for decor, it looks like any other Froyo shop: kiwi-colored chairs, citrus orange walls and signs in century gothic fonts.

And kudos to Yogli-Mogli for offering only one size cup: a large pint with white space to disguise how much yogurt you really have. It's tricky, and although it's only 39 cents an ounce, too much of anything is never a good thing.

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