Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review: Korean Tacos on the Cheap

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Hankook Taqueria is a dive, by my prep-school standards, but a dive customers feel comfortable enough in to bring their own beer, maybe some merlot. Shout out to RJ who gave me the heads up.

Hankook recently made local news when it became the first restaurant to obtain a permit to sell food from trucks. Tacos on wheels, specifically korean tacos, is another trend from the east coast that, although not as quickly as froyo, is making its way into the south.

Hankook is fast and efficient, but most importantly, it's cheap. At $2.25 a taco, there's little room for complaining. That said, Hankook is a tasty street-cart joint paying rent in a neighborhood that's probably not safe to walk around at night.

All of the tacos I tried (beef, pork, chicken, fish) relied heavily on sriracha, a Thai hot sauce that's practically a household condiment. The sweet and spicy kicks from the hot sauce worked well up until the salt from the meat and sauce became too much. At times, the sriracha pulling more punches than the filling, but in general, the flavor was there and by taco #3, my stomach was starting to pump the brakes.

Fish tacos were a bit of a disappointment, and for a few bites I thought Hankook had served me a fish stick (it was a perfect shape for a fish stick). My friend's fish was shaped more like an actual fish which leads me to believe Hankook isn't serving fish sticks.

Anyway, Hankook is a good find. While the tacos aren't out of this world — and I hate to say, not tacos I would chase across town for —, they are nonetheless worth trying at least once.

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